Partnering With Parents

We realize that no one has greater influence in the life of a child than their parents. Parents are meant to have the primary role in teaching and discipling their children. Study for yourself Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Psalm 78. The church, it's programs and leadership are not to usurp the influence and power of parents.

Our job, as the church, is to support parents in their efforts. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as parents raise their child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Think Orange

Living in Knoxville, the phrase, "think orange," probably conjures up various thoughts and emotions. Of course, the University of Tennessee and football come to mind, but the color orange means so much more to us than a field goal or a stadium overflowing with fans. 

Orange. It's more than just a color; it's a strategy. When the LOVE of the family (red)  combines with the LIGHT of the church (yellow) something amazing happens: ORANGE!

It's two combined influences working together to accomplish more than either influence can do alone (2>1+1).