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What Is BabyD?

More than an event, BabyD connects parents to a community of faith and helps them imagine a bigger story. BabyD is designed to help you be intentional as parents from the very beginning. We want to come along beside you and encourage you to make the most of your time as a parent!

Who Can Participate In BabyD?

Any parents or legal guardian of a child (age birth through 2 years old) that desire for their child to grow up and become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Overview of BabyD

Step 1: Sign-up:

Sign-up for BabyD by clicking the box below.

Step 2: Attend Parent Orientation:

Once you have signed up to participate, you will receive an invitation to attend a Parent Orientation where you’ll meet with the children’s minister to discuss the details of BabyD. During this orientation, you’ll be assigned a little homework and will receive details concerning the upcoming BabyD Celebration Event.

Step 3: Complete Your Homework:

Watch the two Parenting Talk videos and set parenting goals.

Step 4: Attend BabyD:

Attend the event! Invite family and friends to join the celebration as you make the commitment to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.